My Diagnosis Part 1

2012 was one of the most life-changing years of my life.

First of all, it was my last year of high school and I was determined that I would go to university in the UK. My decision was so firm that I did not even consider the option of applying to university in Czech. I did not have a back-up plan.

I was very stubborn, adamant and focused. I remember I was also fearful, shitting my pants kinda way.

In order to get an unconditional offer, I needed really good grades in my final exams. The Czech school leaving exams’ results are actually not the most essential in determining whether one is accepted to university. Most of Czech universities have their own entry exams.

This put even more pressure on me because I required good grades in a system that does not really value itself.

I remember that the time around the Maturita (Czech school-leaving examination) was probably the most stressful time of my life at that point. I have put a lot of pressure on myself, with big expectations. I still have dreams about that. Obviously, looking back at it with the perspective that I have now and knowing what I know, I would have told myself CALM DOWN!!!

(the Airpline movie style)

But at that time, I did not know any better. I wanted to achieve my goal so bad and I was desperate for it.

That was also the time when my right eye started twitching.

To make the drama short, I got the grades that I needed and was offered place at university of my first choice.

You cannot even imagine the sheer happiness and pride that I felt. Before uni started, I had lovely holidays filled with joy and laughter. That Summer will always be remembered for the 20th birthday party that I hosted which was dominated by our neighbour’s noise complaint and crowned by a police visit, which turned out to be a male stripper performance organised by my friends. Well if that doesn’t sound like the best party ever then I don’t know what does. I had an amazing time.

But looking back at the pictures from that Summer, my face already started to change – there was a slight asymmetry on the right half of my face and the twitch continued. I remember mentioning this to my parents and them telling me that this was just my usual sneer and I should not worry about it.

So I didn’t. A new life chapter was just unfolding. I moved to Canterbury and started my first year at uni.

During that time, I noticed this continuous twitch and movement on the right side of my face. We thought that it could be a neurological issue caused by stress or lack of vitamins so I started taking Magnesium. That did not help.

My first three months quickly passed by. I was really enjoying uni. It was the environment filled with knowledge, intellect and challenge that I relished the most. It was exciting time of making new friends and maturing as a person and it felt like the right place to be.

Mid-December 2012 came and I travelled home for Christmas.

Seeing my parents again after few months, they noticed the deterioration of my face asymmetry and suggested that I should go see a neurologist.

I needed to have a MRI and EEG before consulting the doctor.

I had my very first MRI during holiday period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It will always remain engraved on my mind…

To be continued.


Picture of me clueless and happy – December 2012


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