My Annual MRI Scan

I had my annual MRI yesterday. And there were many firsts.

  • First time in the UK – Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham (scans also examined at JR Oxford University Hospital)
  • First time that I was given contrast dye through cannula (this information is purely for the MRI geeks)
  • First time after a couple of years that I wasn’t sedated during my scan

I find the last point the most remarkable and also the one that I am the most proud of. I talked about my prior-scan anxiety in my previous posts and yesterday was for the first time in ages that I didn’t need to be drugged to be able to cope.

Instead, I was calm and collected and even through that excruciating hour-long scan, I remained positive. It is incredible what the power of human mind can achieve.

It all comes down to my stress&anxiety management that I have been working on and the deep belief that eventually everything is going to be just fine.

I would really like to write about my fight with anxiety and panic attacks because I believe that yesterday truly proved that I might be doing something right after all.

To keep it nice and short, my glioma is still the same shape. It remained unchanged since my last scan in 2016 and I cannot be happier.

I have been extremely lucky and blessed because of all the amazing people that support me and the access to the best neurosurgeons and radiologists anyone can ever wish for. These results give me strength to continue my battle and hopefully achieve some significant changes in my diagnosis in 2017.

It makes me all very humble because I realise that not everyone can obtain their results that fast and is able to seek multiple independent opinions from the best in the field.

I would like to dedicate this post to every single one out there who is fighting their battles. Whatever they might be.

*Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.*january-17


2 thoughts on “My Annual MRI Scan

  1. Hi Anna,

    I don’t know how I stumbled across your blog but I did. My younger brother (39) was just diagnosed with a brainstem glioma three weeks ago. We were starting to feel like there was nobody else out there. He started his treatment this past week and I know he has a rough road ahead of him. Your blog brings me comfort. I will share it with him!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Sarid.

      Thanks for your comment and stumbling across my blog.
      My thoughts go out to your brother. I used to think that I was alone but the true is very different when you start to search for it.
      If either you or your brother would like to get in touch (even just to share fears/stories/laughs) please send me your email and I will message you directly.

      Loads of love


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