My Meditation

I always knew what meditation was but only really started practising it in September 2016.

I began with ‘guided meditation’, which I believe is the easiest way to start meditating if you are new to the practice.

The one that I used was this one from iTunes.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 21.41.23But even if you just google ‘guided meditation’, you will get plenty of results. Many for free, such as this one:

At the beginning, I was meditating twice a day; first thing when I woke up and last before I went to bed. It was a gradual process, but I could slowly see the positive benefits and significant improvement of my mental heath. The big change for me was the disappearance of the panic attacks (which was pretty amazing considering that I used to suffer from them almost every second day in September 2016) and the overriding calmness and inner peace. These really motivated me to continue meditating and explore my mind and skills further.

Another emotions that started to prevail were joy, deeper appreciation, compassion and love that is forgiving and kind. I also think that I’m more patient and accepting. Positive thinking and mental strength have been one of the biggest achievements in my practice and they really came to the surface during difficult or stressful times such as my latest MRI.

They say that for something to become a habit, it needs to be repeated continuously for at least 6 weeks. I managed to go through the first 6 weeks and I must say that meditation became almost like a ritual and now I feel incomplete if I don’t practise for a couple of days.

I can also observe improvement in my learning. For example, I no longer need guided meditation. I prefer to follow my own paths and visualisations. I don’t always get a chance to meditate twice a day, but I strive to dedicate at least 5-10 mins daily.

Moreover, I decided that I want to broaden my horizons further and I went to Meditation Centre for courses and learnt a bit more about Buddhist meditation.

As mentioned in the previous article, meditation is such a huge concept and it is almost impossible to grasp fully. But through my experience, I believe that it can be extremely powerful and beneficial both for our mind and body. I’m also confident that each and every one of us can find our individual form of meditation that will suit our life and needs.

Although, such an elaborate activity, meditation – such as basic breathing meditation – can be also really pure and simple, which does not make it any less relevant or effective.

For example, try this relaxing guided breathing meditation:

At the moment, I’m trying to better my practice and study more.

For instance, I’m reading this lovely book and planning to commence my 21 Meditations challenge.


As you can see, meditation has been massive on my journey to mindfulness and good mental health.

But again, in my case it would not be enough. Hence, next topic is Breathing.

Reading suggestions: – How To Be Still In Meditation & Why It Will Change Your World – How To Use Meditation As A Tool For Insight – Learn to Meditate – How (and Why) I Meditate – personal experience of meditation and the tricky bits I can relate to easily – aka those days when I just can’t focus


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